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Paragraph Block

·        Today, two terribly talkative teal Turkish toads took two terribly timid Thai turtles toward Tanzania to two typically technological taverns to talk together talkatively ‘til ten terribly tenacious Tajik terrorists tenaciously tied twelve talented teenage tourists together tonight at the taverns where the toads and turtles were tonight.

·        Cranky, crazy, cool Callie Crystal Connie Collins, crazy, cranky Catherine Callie Connie Collins, crazy, cranky Catie Caitlyn Cayla Crystal Catherine Courtney Collins, calm, cool cucumber Cathleen Cindy Callie Connie Catherine Catie Caitlyn Courtney Calie Crystal Collins collected candy coins comming from school.

·        Barbra Brown bowled blue bowling balls back by Billy Brinks because Barbra Brown bowls better by Billy Brinks but Barbra Brown bowled badly by Billy Brinks because Barbra Brown bowled blue bowling balls but Barbra Brown bowls better normally.

·        Submitted: Such sudden, severely silly, sempiternal sequences send strong signals of secluded self-aggrandizement and sedentary self-absorption. Sound soul searching seriously, sorely and strongly suggests seeking subtle, simpler, sublimely selfsatisfying and sufficient sonorousness. Superimposing superlative sufflated sentences subtract from successful scripting. Supremely, superbly summarized; stop saying stupid stuff, see?! Swallow sum and substance?

·        Crazy Carrie Connelly clandestinely carries copious caches of considerably colossal containers of candy coated, chocolate covered cherries

·        Around the rough rugged rocks, the wretched reckless ragged rascal resolutely ran his rural race rashly and rapidly.

·        Betty Botter bought some butter, but she found the butter bitter. "If I put it in my batter, it will make my batter bitter, but a bit of better butter, it will make my batter better." So she bought some better butter and she put it in her batter and it made her batter better.

·        Drawn-out, dull, dumb, desperate, discreditable drivel doesn't deserve distinguished designation. Demand demonstrated discerning discourse delicately denoting deliberate dexterity. Denounce dreary dogma. Deride dreadful diatribes droning decrepitly. Daring dazzlers don't deploy dubious delights. Dispense decisions decidedly directed down distinctive, discriminating displays.

·        big belly bob belted babies born by burping bitter beer between babylon bronze bears boring badly beeping blipping belly bunnies before bill bit behind briana's brainless bandsaw's brown band beginning bavarian bachelor britain's beta bell beyond bayonet beds binding british bureau breakfasts

·        what would wild-worms wipe with when warm weather wrings wide water-wells -- wet washed white wool or withered willows? we would wikipedia what walls will whisper when window's word waves watches wearily whether wind worst wrath-waves weakens woods woven-words winners windup walking with worthless whirling whole-wiener whipping whining winos.




·        Any acceptable, admirable armadillo acts as an angry, accomplished anteater; after all, any amount of ants are awfully annoying. Afterward, abundant armadillos ask,"Are all ants annihilated?" And any alive ants awkwardly accept ambush, advancing away, as all ants acknowledge all amazing armadillos are austoundingly authoritative and assertive.

Patsy's paid professional planter plucked plump, purple, plastic pummeling plums.

·        Dwayne Derekson's dumb doodler drew a dead dissatisfactory drawing of dreaded Dracula.

·        Monsters Milk My Minty Misunderstood Moss Mousse Moving More Messy on Monday.

·        While we were watching wild wolves with wonderment, wily wolverines were walking warily where wet worms were wandering.

·        Scrolls and scrolls of silver snowy sentences show Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers

·        She softly sang sweet simple songs; silky syllables slicing silence.

·        Always active and alert, Alan Alligator ate anything alive along Allegheny Avenue; almonds, apples, avocados and abelone

·        a blevy of beautiful brazillian black bears bouncing big brilliant blue balloons by blowing bubbles

·        The three tall tan timber towers tend to tilt toward Tulsa too.

·        two twin teenagers took two talkative toddlers to the theatres, to the toilet, to taste their traditional thick tea, to try their tantalizing truffle, to talk teasingly together, to trick two terrible tricksters, and to take time to try two tasty tomatoes.

·        Hark and hear how Henrietta helped herself to a huge, heaping, hefty helping of horribly hot horseradish; hence her harrowing howls were heard hurdling through Harrisburg here and yonder.

·        Horrible Harry Harrington hated having his hot hands held here.

·        Sir Stan Sea saw seven speds sitting straight stylishly slurping sloppy sauce staining several shirts, so sir stan sea sold several stained shirts south sudan, seperately selling several sausage stained shirts south sevilla, spain, suspending seven speds selling sloppy sauce south senegal, surprisingly scaring several speds stealing sloppy sauce south Sydney, several speds said sorry, surprisingly sir stan sea said stealing = suspension.

·        This Thursday, talented teacher Tina Turner thoroughly takes the time to truly transform timorous thoughts to tame thoughts trying to trenchantly teach tricky trigonometry to the three terribly troubled Trinidadian teens taking Tuesday's trying test that tells that they've truly thrived.